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Jomoni Company in Italy

JOMINI INTRODUCTION: The headquarters and factory are located in Castagno Primo (Milan Italy), a small town just outside Milan, just a few minutes′ drive from Milan Malpensa International Airport.   This Company which Iomini Gru was founded by Carlo Iomini in the Fifties, starting as a handicraft company for the production of special steel items. Afterwards the Carlo Iomini Company began manufacturing machines parts and concrete mixing plants for third parties. After years of experience, in 1978 Carlo Iomini and his sons Felice and Franco, founded Iomini Gru. Since then Iomini Gru has been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of equipment and accessories for lifting and transporting goods and has become one of the leading companies in its sector. The production of standard and/or special versions has a primary importance in the company’s strategy.

Proven experience, technical preparation and good organization allow Iomini Gru to supply their products to the most demanding Italian and international markets. Success has not been attained by mere chance, but built day by day, with a constant commitment fed by trust from the growing clientele. All production processes are constantly monitored by skilled professionals and all suppliers are monitored to ensure our customers a product of good quality. The creativity and the know-how of our technicians, enable us to be up to date and able to find optimal solutions for all needs such as:

  • Especially large span for cranes
  • Loads of considerable size
  • lifting to high altitudes
  • lifting of melted materials
  • Connection of various transport systems
  • Harsh environments
  • Equipment operating in hazardous areas
  • Special equipment hook
  • Electromechanical equipment



  • Single and double girder overhead cranes              
  • Suspension cranes
  • Portal and semi-portal cranes
  • Wall travelling jib cranes
  • Jib cranes
  • Manual portal cranes
  • Light crane systems (JN profile)
  • Electric wire rope winches
  • Chain/wire rope hoists
  • Accessories
  • Drives with inverter
  • Remote control
  • Weighting system
  • Under hook lifting equipment
  • Sliding



  • Drives with inverter
  • Remote control
  • Weighting system
  • Under hook lifting equipment
  • Sliding
  • Signage

The organizational structure of jomini gru has been defined with regard to quality policy, setting objectives and responsibilities of the different business functions. The following organization chart shows the organizational structure of the company and its business functions that have the freedom and authority to:

  • Prevent, identify and eliminated situations of non-compliance and deficiencies regarding product quality, production process and quality system by promoting preventive actions:
  • Manage the situations of non-compliance till the settlement of disputes;
  • Verify implementation of corrective actions and adopted solutions.

Always ready to size the market transformation in which it operates, jomini gru is a constantly evolving with the aim of offering a product with high technical characteristics and reliability.

The special attention given to aspects such as organization and internal security, the environment and staff of new plants but also for the adaptation of the structure but sufficiently complete and service that the company is able to provide.