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GOSAN Company introduction: GOSAN Company located in one of the most important metal working centers in Europe. This company is the leader in the manufacture of custom-made machined sheaves. The Research & Development + innovation (R & D+ I) department with over 35 years of experience and know-how in the calculation methods, ensures the reliability and safety of the mechanical components in its product range, which also includes SWIVEL، HOOK BLOCK، TRAVELING BLOCK، CROWN BLOCK، FORK BLOCK، WHEELS، PULLEY، COUPLING، BRACH WHEEL and etc. We started to export in Europe in 1975 and moved on to include the rest of the world in 1990. Gosan has grown constantly during these years, to become leading world supplier of its product: welded machined steel sheaves.

Gosan has also invested constantly in production resources. This investment has taken a qualitative and quantitative leap forward with the inauguration of our new plant in Ortuella at the start of 2002, which provides us with the latest technology in design and manufacturing.

It is constantly incorporating the most up-to-date technology. Considerable time and effort are devoted to research program in the design of new products and to improve those it already manufactures. It has a wide-ranging, highly qualified team who are fully committed to the growth and development of their company.Thanks to all this, Gosan is today a solid industrial organization, present on the five continents and is capable to develop and carry out any project to its manufacturing range in any country in the world.

GOSAN produces over 25.000 sheaves each year with an average diameter of 1.000 mm. the majority are welded machined types, i.e., manufactured from rolled steel (or forged steel) and then welded and finished. We also make other types of sheaves such as plastic sheaves and solid or cast sheaves, although in smaller numbers.

Our range of welded machined sheaves includes different constructional designs that adapt perfectly to the demands of the different sectors of the market for hoisting, transport and maintenance machinery in which Gosan is present.

The sheaves are manufactured according with our customer’s requirements and also to the DIN and FEM standards. There is a considerable reduction of weight under equal conditions and depending upon the size, a 30% decrease in weight over a similar cast sheave can be achieved.

Gosan has developed a new series of blocks and tracks in accordance with the latest requirements and techniques FEM 1001 and DIN STANDARD 15020. Safety when faced with breakage is in all cases greater than that required by FEM standards. The hooks correspond to DIN standards 15401 and 15402 and are made of forged steel, grade StE355 (class P, regulation DIN STANDARD 15400). Alloy 34 Cr Mo 4, 34 Cr Ni Mo 6 y 30 Cr Ni Mo 8 (classes S, T, V) can be used if required. All the hooks are equipped with a safety bolt to prevent their escaping from the sling.

The AGB barrel couplings for drums are used in the hoisting gear of cranes to join the cable drum and the output shaft of the gearbox. When the output shaft of the gearbox is rigidly fixed to the drum a statically indeterminate situation is produced, and it is difficult to obtain perfect alignment and levelling in assembly. Inexactitudes in the assembly, distortions in the structure, wear in the bearings, etc., all create additional forces which, jointly with the alternating bending forces, produce breakages due to fatigue and damage in the bearings and gear. The AGB barrel couplings for drums are intended to avoid the presence of high bending moments and to compensate alignment defects. They are also intended to absorb axial displacement, an oscillating bearing at the other end of the drum shaft being fitted for this purpose.

Gosan’s mechanical lifting and hoisting components are used in practically all sectors involving machinery for lifting, hoisting and transporting materials. Basically, our products are used in critical machinery such as that which exists in ports, on ships and off-shore platforms and in heavy industry (e.g., iron and steel industry). The main manufacturers and final users in these sectors trust Gosan’s sheaves, hook blocks and couplings.